Embracing Deliberate Executive Leadership Within Your Organization

February 15 & 16, 2018

As Leaders we want to create a leadership culture that fully utilizes the capabilities of our team, fosters innovation and creates high performing teams. This program, led by two internationally acclaimed experts, will provide you with the insight and tools to do just that - with Real World examples from NASA's legendary Mission Control.

Dr. Walt Natemeyer will share the most effective concepts aimed at motivating and leading others to high performance and building highly effective teams. Paul Sean Hill, former NASA Director of Mission Operations, will show you how to apply these concepts and leverage the core ideas and leadership values from Mission Control – the same enabling leadership that has delivered "impossible" wins in human spaceflight for more than 50 years.

Who Should Attend?

All industry and organization leaders who want to create a high performance culture.

Program Outline

Day #1 February 15

Core Values in NASA's Mission Control

Gain insight into leadership values that enable teams to do the "impossible" when small errors can lead to catastrophe.

What Really Motivates Employees

Popular and useful concepts will be explored to help leaders assess employees' needs and satisfaction in order to increase team members' motivation to perform.

Assessing Your Interpersonal Style

You will identify your communication style using the Interpersonal Style Inventory. You'll learn how to improve communication and teamwork with an understanding of each other's styles.

From Top Performer to Lousy Leader

You'll learn how leaders lose connection to the values that deliver top performance, which can lead teams into avoidable failure in spite of the leader's better intentions.

Day #2 February 16

Increasing Your Leadership Effectiveness

You'll gain an understanding of the key steps to becoming an effective leader from deciding what leadership style is needed to providing the appropriate amount of direction and support.

Transforming Your Leadership Team

You'll learn how to restore a deliberate, value-based culture from the top down and maximize team performance.

Developing a High Performance Team

You'll learn the key characteristics of high performance teams and how to assess their effectiveness. Suggestions for clarifying your team's mission, key results areas and goals are provided.

Deliberate Stewardship of Your Leadership Culture

You'll learn how to prepare the next generation of leaders by: increasing their awareness of the tendencies that often erode performance and how to overcome them; and developing them into deliberate stewards of a culture that maximizes team performance.

About Your Program Facilitators:

Paul Sean Hill

Paul Sean Hill is an author and speaker whose candor and passion have inspired leaders across many industries. His book, Leadership from the Mission Control Room to the Boardroom, leadership workshops and keynote addresses show how any organization can leverage the core values that have delivered highly reliable performance in human spaceflight for more than 50 years. Paul's previous clients include Shell, Google, Citi Group, J.P. Morgan Chase, The Conference Board of Canada, Texas A&M University, Texas Education Service Centers, and many more.

Paul spent 25 years in NASA's iconic Mission Control, learning and living the values he now evangelizes. His experience includes planning international Space Station assembly missions, leading Mission Control teams conducting spaceflight operations as a Flight Director, and enterprise-level executive leadership. As Director of Mission Operations from 2007-2014, he is credited with revolutionizing the leadership culture, dramatically reducing costs, and increasing capability while still conducting challenging and highly successful missions in space.

Paul holds Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Aerospace Engineering from Texas A&M University and is a member of Marshall Goldsmith's 100 Coaches. He is also is a member of the Texas A&M University Aerospace Engineering Advisory Board and the Texas A&M University - Galveston Board of Visitors.

Walter Natemeyer

Dr. Walter E. Natemeyer, Founder and CEO of North American Training and Development Inc., is an internationally recognized management author, consultant and educator. He received his BBA and MBA from Ohio University and his Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from the University of Houston.

Dr. Natemeyer is a leading authority on Situational Leadership and Power, employee motivation, strategic planning and team building. His most popular books include Classics of Organizational Behavior and Developing High Performance Teams. He has designed and conducted leadership development programs for over 100 major organizations worldwide including Alcoa, American Red Cross, Aramco, Baylor College of Medicine, Coca-Cola, ExxonMobil, Ford, IBM, J.P. Morgan Chase, NASA, Shell and United Technologies.

Program Date:

February 15 & 16, 2018


Nova Southeastern University | H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship | Fort Lauderdale, Florida


The program begins each day at 9:00 AM and concludes at 4:30 PM. Lunch is provided each day.

Registration Fee:

$1495 per person. Call for special pricing if you have 3 or more participants attending from the same company.


Participants will earn the Executive Leadership Certificate upon completion of the two-day program.


In addition to course handouts, sample questionnaires and surveys, each participant will receive copies of each presenter's latest publications:

Leadership From the Mission
Control Room To the Board Room

Paul Sean Hill Cover
Developing High
Performance Teams

Walter Natemeyer Cover