Corporate Award Eligibility Verification

In order to receive or continue receiving your corporate award you must submit verification each term. The verification process must be completed prior to the start of each academic semester.

To verify your eligibility please log in using your Sharklink ID and password. If you have trouble logging in, please contact the help desk.

NSU Bachelor's Alumni are not required to verify. Your award will be automatically applied.

Verification Steps

STEP #1: Initiate the verification request form located on this page.

STEP #2: Complete the online form and ensure that your employee email address is entered correctly. This is where your verification link will be sent; it cannot be sent to a personal email address.

STEP #3: Log in to your employee email; look for the verification message; then follow the instructions in the verification email.

STEP #4: You will receive a confirmation email when the verification process if fully completed (you should retain this email for your records).

STEP #5: Once the HCBE online system receives employment confirmation from your employee email, your tuition award will be processed, and your account will reflect the award (usually no later than the 3rd week of the term).