Infomercials are types of commercials or ads that many consumers do not like. “An infomercial is a form of paid television programming in which a particular product is demonstrated, explained, and offered for sale to viewers who call a toll-free number shown on the screen” (Keegan & Green, 2017, p. 455). These commercials are often entertaining but aim at unsuspecting consumers. The target is the TV viewer or the radio listener. Infomercials are frequently adapted for different countries. Ads using an emotional appeal may seem eternal. They repeat again and again the wonderful functions of a product inviting you to order it NOW by phone or online. “Industry observers expect the popularity of home shopping to increase during the next few years as interactive television (ITV or t-commerce) technology is introduced into more households” (Keegan & Green, 2017, p. 458).

Infomercials have high coverage around the world; they are broadcast by TV and internet on all cable, radio or satellite communication platforms. The promotional strategy is to present a problem that you did not know you had to sell you a solution that you probably do not need. You will most likely use the product once in your lifetime but none of this goes through your head when you are watching the fast-paced infomercials. What is being sold is often not worth what it costs, since handling and shipping generally cost more than the actual value of the product. These commercials use an image of a person who appears to be an expert in the area with a strong power of persuasiveness.

In many cases, the product fails to work as indicated and it is very likely that you can find something similar and better in another store. Thomas Burke, president of Saatchi & Saatchi’s infomercial division, calls infomercials “the most powerful form of advertising ever created.” (Keegan & Green, 2017, p. 455). Infomercials have the ability to get the consumer to remember the name of the program (As Seen on TV), not the brand but what the product does. In my case, I would never buy any of these products. I think they are a scam and they are much more expensive than they should normally cost.

What do you think?

Keegan, W. J., Green, M. (2017). Global Marketing Management, 9th Ed. Pearson.