Location-Based marketing is the use of mobile marketing to target mobile users within a certain geographic area. This practice can be used by businesses to send mobile ads, paid searches or other forms of mobile advertising to people who have been located using GPS or cell tower triangulation. For brands using this type of marketing, there a thin line between “astute” and “peeping tom” that they have to cross each day. A survey provided from messaging technology Company Brainstorm and Mobile Marketing Association found that 74% of users are ok with sharing location based data with third parties. But aren’t we still a little creeped out?

As marketing moves towards the future, embracing location-based marketing will be a wise move to engage with consumers. According to Paul Berney, former CMO of the Mobile Marketing Association, a mobile marketing strategy relies on earning consumers’ trust, and to do so, three steps should be followed – transparency, notice, and choice. Consumers must know when their location is going to be tracked, get a notification about it, and consequently opt-in. Well, that’s good news!

Major brands that have adopted location-based marketing argue that this is a two-way street. Do people really want to push notifications walking down the aisle of a store? When does it become intrusive? An approach that seems to be working for some major players is to use verified social media posts from consumers. By using key information and context, brands can have a more informed communication and increase their chances of engagement and interaction. Heineken’s recent @wherenext campaign, encouraged people to geo-tag their Tweets to receive location-based advice on the best places to go near them in real time. This inspires conversation between brand and user and gains a mutual benefit. Cheers Heineken!

So there you have it, consumers, brands, and technology interacting all at once – now that’s the future, so consumers who want to benefit from personalized services and suggestions are already starting to embrace it!

Angela Serna is an MBA student in the Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship, Nova Southeastern University. She can be reached at as2053@nova.edu