With the rise of technology and social media, marketing has been taking a dramatic turn into a new indirect strategy, the so-called reverse psychology of mass marketing. Whether it’s mass marketing or niche marketing, they both simplify and utilize the benefits of mass marketing. Thanks to the Internet and social media, even niche or exclusivist companies are able to put their promotional message out there without appearing to market on purpose outside their official target market.

Customers do know what they want. As many companies committing to the customer experience transformation, they increase their research and investment to understand them. They gather more and more insights on a transactional and relationship level. Getting deeper more frequently insight your customers’ mindset is important, and it carries a sort of consciousness. Having said that, customers now understand their market better, the same way companies do.

What if customers don’t know what they want? It might seem like a silly question, but it’s a critical one, because they don’t know until they’ve seen it. Customers don’t know the product or service they’re looking for until it’s been advertised online, TV or magazines. Therefore, customers provide a great insight into technical experiences that are beneficial to fix problems, improve services, address issues, and thus they take so much credit into defining and segmenting the new marketing era and segmenting their own market, which helps improve the process of consumer self knowledge, although called consumer education.

All things to all people, people choose their preferred things?

With the rising technology of new marketing strategies and social media effect, the majority of consumers know what segment of the market they belong to, a family of five know what kind of car they need. Consumers know that they are loyal to certain brands, but sometimes they might want to go fancy and buy more expensive, exclusive and reputable brands. They know that those brands are out there, since they’ve seen all their ads and posts on social media.

We can say that social media is the new mass marketing era in a very indirect way, which makes it very tricky, especially for companies trying not to blow their cover, by keeping the reputation of targeting specific segments of their market and customers.

While everyone is always talking about social media and the promotional messages that target its billions of users monthly, niche and exclusive companies might also be on the wagon of “the reverse psychology of mass marketing through social media”. High end brands use social media where they see the opportunity of being able to interact with their existing customers as well as potential customers. While they don’t see this as mass marketing, since that can affect their brand positioning and reputation, the bottom line is that every company wants to expand their pool of audience and ultimately grow.


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Mohammad Mustafa is an MBA student in the Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship, Nova Southeastern University. He was born and raised in Jordan, and is an entrepreneur and business owner who has worked in many industries. He can be reached at mm3413@nova.edu